World Financial Group and its business platform have erased the walls that keep people from achieving their dreams. By serving everyday individuals and families and helping them achieve their financial goals, WFG has proven that by helping others, success just happens. In other words, WFG let’s you own your future.

Read through the profiles of just a few of the thousands of WFG associates across North America who have taken control of their future – and achieved success – while helping others achieve their dreams, as well.

Victor Onassis T. Roque

Victor Solorio & Elizabeth Sandoval

Victor Wong

Virginia T. Ng

Vishal Parihar

Vuthy Kuoch & Kessara Kieng

Wanda Lau & Kevin Wu

Wendaline Li Smith

Wendy Lindo & Mike Austria

Wendy Zhang

Wenyan Zhao

Will Caldwell

Willie Billings

Xiao Chen

Xiumin Tang & Hongqiao Li

XueFeng Gao & Jason Bao

Xujie Zhang

Ying Liu

Yingzhang Lin

Yon Chon